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Pouch Series

Electrochemistry:Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP)
Nominal Voltage:3.2V
Nominal Capacity:From 25Ah to 50Ah

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Cell Model WSP-LFP1084310-25Ah WSP-LFP12181250-40Ah WSP-LFP13181260-50Ah WSP-LFP12123310-50Ah
Nominal Capacity 25Ah 40Ah 50Ah 50Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Charging Voltage 3.65V
Nominal Energy 80Wh 128Wh 160Wh 160Wh
Standard Charging Current 25A 40A 50A 50A
Max Continuous Charge Current 50A 160A 150A 100A
Standard Discharge Current 25A 40A 50A 50A
Max Continuous Discharge Current 75A 160A 150A 150A
Internal Resistance ≤2.0mΩ ≤1.0mΩ ≤1.0mΩ ≤1.0mΩ
Cycle Life >2000(1.0C/1.0C) >5000(4.0C/4.0C) >5000(0.5C/0.5C) >2000(1.0C/1.0C)
Weight 500g±30g 1070g±30g 1100g±30g 980g±30g
Dimenstion 309.5±0.5*83.5±0.5*10.0±0.3mm 255.0±3.0*182.0±1.0*12.5±0.5mm 257.0±2.0*182.0±1.0*13.0±0.5mm 309.5±0.5*122.5±0.5*12.2±0.3mm
Certificate BIS

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