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Nominal Capacity 25Ah
Useable Capacity 22.5Ah
Nominal Voltage 102.4V
Nominal Current 20A
Nominal Energy 2.6kWh
Useable Energy 2.3kWh

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Items  LFP-ES2500H
Nominal Voltage  102.4Vd.c 
Nominal Current  17.0A 
Nominal Capacity  25.0Ah@25℃ 
Useable Capacity  22.5Ah@25℃ 
Total Energy*  2.6KWh 
Useable Energy*  2.3KWh 
Nominal Charge/Discharge Power  1.75kW 
Peak Power(Only discharge)  3.5kW for 3 seconds 
Constant Current(Only discharge)  20.0A 
Voltage Range  96.0~112.0Vd.c 
Max. Charge Voltage  115.2V 
Max. Recommended DOD (Off-grid)  90%
Operating Condition  Indoor 
Operating Temperature @Charge  0~45℃ 
Operating Temperature @Discharge  -10~55℃ 
Operating Humidity  < 60% (No Condensed Water) 
Dimension(L*W*H)  500*442*89 mm 
Weight  26.0Kg 
Pollution Degree  3
Over Voltage Category  II 
Cooling Type  Natural cooling 
Case Material  Metal 
Color  Black or White 
Installation  Wall Mounting/Ground Installation/Cabinet 
IP rating  IP 20 
Max. Number of  Series  6
Warranty  10 years 
Communication  CAN/ RS485 
Protection Mode  Dual hardware protection 
Battery Protection  Over-current/Over-voltage/Short circuit/Under-voltage/Over-Temperature. 

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